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Can you do “dark roast” well? That is a question we have asked ourselves for years. Could it be ethically purchased, roasted with care, and still be considered “dark roast?”

With some urging from one of our wholesale partners, we started doing a private roast just for his cafe, particularly for their espresso, and over the years of cupping that coffee and refining that roast profile, we can now say with emphatic confidence: YES! It can be done. 

This is our ode to dark roast coffee. It is an ethically-sourced, attentively roasted, dark coffee that preserves origin characteristics while also showcasing the flavors brought in by the roaster.  This is a balance that is notoriously difficult to maintain, but we feel this coffee does so beautifully.

This project isn’t only about market demands – it’s also about the practical needs of our producing partners. Many of them produce a significant amount of coffee that doesn’t quite meet our standards for single origin, but is still delicious. It needs a home. We already purchase quite a bit of these such coffees for The Classic, but with another product on board, we can buy even more. 

Additionally, we hope we can make a few converts from “grocery store coffee” to coffee that is ethically-sourced, well-roasted, genuinely fresh.  We know it won’t be the coffee for everyone, but if we can get specialty coffee in more mugs around our city, we will consider this project a huge success.

So, all that to say… give dark roast a chance.  

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