Caffelab INDIA Monsoon Parchment Karnataka

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Indiano Monsonato is a full-bodied coffee with a delicate and slightly spicy aroma. An intense coffee, with a true Neapolitan tradition!

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Back in the days when goods and people were being transported to and from India by sailboats, a ship could take months to get to Europe. During this long journey, the coffee underwent natural alterations due to exposure to the monsoons. Its initial burnished color, on arrival, became white-yellowish, giving the appearance of old coffee and taking on a particular taste.

Today this taste is extremely sought after and therefore the harvest is stowed in buildings open to the sides to allow the monsoons to modify its appearance and quality.

This coffee was tasted, for this evaluation, extracted in espresso at 92 °, with an extraction of 25 ml in 24 seconds. The degassing of the coffee took 48 hours. To the taste, the coffee has a very strong body and a marked bitterness, on the other hand, the acidity is, in this coffee, really non-existent.

The cream is dark brown, with almost grayish hues. On the nose, we find clear sensations of wood and very dark caramel.

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