Caffe Carbonelli Capsules Lavazza Espresso Point Arabica Blend

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Technical features:

With the FAP capsule system, our coffee is ground, dosed, and placed in a special PVC plastic container, with a hole in the bottom of which the filter paper is inserted, and a cellulose film on the surface. Compatible with the most common espresso capsule machines.

Single-dose capsule in PVC (Height: 2 cm. – Upper side: 3.9 cm. – Lower side: 3.5 cm) | Net weight: 7.5 gr. | Packaging: Protective atmosphere in triple layer aluminum film | Shelf life: 24 months from the date of production.

1 box of 100 capsules – Box dimensions: 24 × 19.5 × 29.15cm – gross weight: 1.45 kg
1 box of 50 capsules – Box dimensions: 23.5x15x17cm – gross weight: 0.740 kg
1 platform – 130 box of 100 capsules – Platform dimensions: 80x120xh215cm – gross weight: 199 kg
1 platform – 264 boxes of 50 capsules – Dimensions: 80x120xh195 cm – gross weight: 206 kg

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Refined coffee blend composed of a careful selection of Arabica coffees. The balanced dosage of these excellent coffees offers a cup with a marked creaminess, for a velvety and chocolaty aroma. A coffee blend created for connoisseurs. Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil are just some of the origins of the coffee plantations we use for this blend. The toasting is clear. On the nose it manages to perceive the caramelized notes of the best Arabica coffee plantations that will be found in the pleasant velvety aftertaste that will remain on the palate after tasting it.

Caffè Carbonelli is a registered trademark of Torrefazione Caffè Carbonelli srl it is not connected in any way to LAVAZZA SPA
Lavazza Espresso Point is a registered trademark of LAVAZZA SPA

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