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The great thing about portable coffee makers is that they are mobile, which means you can take them with you in your car or train and have the flexibility to prepare your coffee. They no longer depend on service areas or cafes on highways or train stations, nor do they expect coffee to taste good, but can expect it from now on.

Mobile coffee enjoyment – coffee machine to-go

Without a doubt, a luxurious fully automatic coffee machine or your own mobile filter is definitely the coffee highlight in every kitchen. But not everyone who drinks coffee works from home or spends a lot of time in their own kitchen. Especially when traveling, having a picnic with friends, or on vacation, you often miss enjoying a really good cup of coffee or espresso because you can’t carry the right machine with you or have no electricity.

Some coffee maker manufacturers have identified precisely this gap and are offering solutions in the form of coffee and espresso machines. These travel coffee makers are portable, extremely lightweight, and uncomplicated to use and operate. Maybe you’re already planning your next big trip and are currently looking for a coffee solution? Or do you often drive to and from get off work for long periods of time?

Especially then, a portable coffee maker is an ideal and simple companion! Whether outdoors, at home, in the car, or while camping, these devices are engineered to work with almost any activity. So you never have to have a good coffee time again.

Travel coffee machines

Enjoy the best coffee for a long time with us. We introduce you to some of the top manufacturers in the travel coffee maker space.

Handpresso: In 2012, the French company wowed the coffee world with the launch of its first mobile coffee machine model called the “Handpresso Auto”, a vehicle-mounted espresso machine. But that’s not all, as the company continues to design more portable coffee makers. That’s how the Senseo Pads-compatible “Handcoffee Auto” was born, and it was a hit at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015. Finally, in 2017, Handpresso launched the Handpresso Auto Capsule model on the market: a highly innovative espresso machine, compatible with Nespresso capsules, thus offering a wide selection of the best coffee flavors and maximum ease of preparation.

Wacaco: This young start-up company from Hong Kong specializes in making mobile coffee machines for cars. And it succeeded: Wacaco succeeded in creating the most compact coffee machine in the world. Small coffee machines are designed for cars. Preparation is done entirely by hand and requires no electricity or batteries. The travel coffee maker is also practical, thanks to its small size it fits perfectly in travel bags and rucksacks, and the coffee quality is guaranteed as fresh from a portable filter. Delicious, rich aroma and soft, rich crema. In terms of design, everything has been thought of here. So there is no need to carry an extra mug, the lid of the Wacaco model is also a preheated mug with a measuring spoon tamper, with which you can firmly compress the coffee grounds. The Minipresso, Nanopresso, and Pipamoka models are the perfect everyday companions and ingenious tools for the true coffee lover while traveling.

Another mobile coffee machine is the AeroPress, developed in 2005 by American entrepreneur and Professor Alan Adler. Not only is it convenient, but it’s the ideal travel companion for coffee on the go. why? It’s inexpensive, relatively small, and comes in one piece, including filter paper. And it’s easy to put away too. Thanks to the strong plastic, the AeroPress is not easy to break. After soaking the water and ground coffee for a few minutes and stirring a few times, the homemade coffee-water mixture is pressed through the filter and the coffee is ready. Just buy hot water and a to-go cup here, and there’s nothing in the way of on-the-go coffee enjoyment from your travel coffee maker.

Mobile coffee makers for whole beans, ground, capsules, and pads?

No matter which model or manufacturer you like best, all devices are ideal travel companions, allowing you to enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere. Because if we appreciate and enjoy high-quality coffee so much, then we shouldn’t be without taste on vacation or travel, don’t you think? Investing in a travel coffee maker is always worth it. We also recommend purchasing a manual coffee grinder so you can freshly grind your favorite coffee before each preparation. This way, all the aroma of the coffee is preserved and you can enjoy the best quality coffee taste. Try it yourself! Once you’ve had your own ground coffee for the first time, you definitely don’t want to go without your own grinder! Otherwise, there are travel coffee makers for pods and capsules. The devices are also small and powered by the cigarette lighter in the car.

Discover travel coffee machines at Cafendo

Anyone who values authentic, high-quality coffee in their daily lives will be reluctant to leave it while out and about. That’s why you’ll now find a smart takeaway rice coffee maker at Cafendo that’s perfect for your travels. Indulge yourself and never be short of your favorite drink no matter where you are. Easily browse the grill market range and find your favorite model! Are you still missing the right coffee beans or manual coffee grinder for your next trip? Of course, you will find it with us too.