This preparation method is gaining more and more interest in a cup of coffee a day.

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AeroPress – coffee tradition interpreted in a modern way

There is every conceivable variation of brewing methods and coffee machines. Ranging from manual filter coffee to French presses, partial and fully automatic machines to complex catering machines. It seems hard to imagine that there will be revolutionary innovations in this field. But Aeropress offers the best proof that exciting innovation is always possible.

Nonetheless, an American entrepreneur and professor Alan Adler invented Aeropress in 2005. It is basically similar to French media. However, the coffee in the AeroPress is actually filtered, so no coffee grounds get into the cup. Compared to manual filtration, with the AeroPress, the hot water washes completely around the ground coffee as long as the coffee is being steeped. As a result, more and more intense aromas are released from the coffee with this coffee maker. All brewing parameters such as coffee volume, grind, water temperature, and brewing time can be freely determined, which is also a real advantage of semi-automatic or fully automatic machines. Combined with the To-Go coffee mug, the AeroPress is the ideal device for great coffee on the go.

The AeroPress and its special features

Coffee machines are true all-rounders. Since AeroPress can prepare coffee and espresso, you can save yourself the investment of buying an expensive second piece of equipment. AeroPress convinces with a simple and uncomplicated design that does not require any additional technology. Since the machine is made of high-quality and stable plastic, it has also proven to be very sturdy. AeroPress is easy to pack and easy to clean. This makes them ideal travel companions. Commercially available AeroPress sets are also more affordable compared to other coffee machines.

Many coffee lovers believe that Aeropress can produce unexpected aromas. This may have something to do with the mechanism of the coffee machine etc. In contrast to other machines, the liquid in the coffee-water mixture does not rise slowly but is squeezed through the filter from above.

Simply prepare coffee with the Aeropress

The AeroPress can prepare coffee in two different ways: Using the bottom-down method, first, place a moistened filter paper in the filter holder. Then you place the coffee maker upright on the cup. You should definitely pay attention to how well the coffee beans are ground. A medium to fine grind is ideal for making coffee with the Aeropress. After pouring the ground coffee into the cylinder, pour hot water over it. Then close the cylinder with the piston. Now the coffee can be steeped as needed. Finally, press the plunger to force the coffee through the filter into the cup.

Using a bottom-up or inverted approach, the piston is first pushed into the cylinder a short distance. The coffee machine is upside down on the table. In this case, also place the moistened filter paper in the filter holder.

After you have put the required amount of ground coffee and hot water in the cylinder, close the top of it with the filter holder, push the plunger in the bottom until there is no more air in the cylinder, and let the coffee steep. Finally, place the AeroPress upright on the cup and press the finished coffee through the filter.

AeroPress – the pure taste

Brewing with the AeroPress is surprisingly easy and delicious. The brewing principle of this coffee machine results in an unrivaled richness, fullness, roundness, and an almost intoxicating aroma of the finished coffee. AeroPress is a great example of how compelling inventions don’t always come from endless development work. Sometimes an unbiased view of an issue and a good idea is enough. In any case, Alan Adler started with the simple idea that the optimum temperature, a complete mix of water and ground coffee, and the shortest possible filter time produce the best coffee with less bitterness.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed coffee made with AeroPress will likely agree with him. To discover their personal favorite preparation method, lovers can vary the type and amount of coffee used, finer or coarser grinds, water during brewing, and brew time to their liking.

Fun facts

In the style of Silicon Valley success stories, entrepreneur Alan Adler invented Aeropress in his home garage. After several years of coffee making and testing more than 30 prototypes, he finally designed the original AeroPress.