Electric Coffee Grinders

Whether it’s espresso, cappuccino, or latte macchiato – the rich aroma of the coffee beans used is especially effective if freshly ground before the brewing process with an electric coffee grinder.

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Functional differences

There is one basic difference between the three types of electric coffee grinders: disc grinders, cone grinders, and impact grinders. The latter is not recommended for shredding beans with a flying knife, as they produce a very uneven grain. This means that finely ground coffee can be found as well as relatively large particles. This in turn means that the flavoring cannot be extracted uniformly during the subsequent brewing process. Due to the uneven size, the fine powder has burned, while the larger bean pieces have not yet released their aroma. This leads to a bitter taste that significantly affects the enjoyment of a cup of coffee.

So-called disc grinders are more suitable. Here, the stuffed beans are ground between two electric rotating discs made of ceramic or steel. This technique requires slightly higher speeds so that the centrifugal force created can transport the ground coffee outside and prevent it from accumulating between the discs. If the friction heat is too much, the aroma may be affected. However, disc grinders produce a particularly homogeneous material to be ground.

The advantage of conical grinders is that they work at a low speed, so the ground coffee is barely heated. The aroma of coffee beans is fully preserved, making it possible to make coffee varieties with excellent taste.

The advantage of electric coffee grinders

Electric coffee grinders offer many advantages over their manually operated counterparts. Since these models are fully automatic, you can easily grind the desired amount of coffee at the touch of a button. In addition to this simple and particularly user-friendly handling, quick and easy cleaning is a plus. Best of all, if you not only have a cup of coffee every now and then but also have a few cups on hand every so often, an electric grinder is suitable. Consistent results and a wide range of settings for grind degree and number of beans also help ensure consistent coffee quality.


There are a large number of different grinders and models to choose from, but all-electric coffee grinders have one thing in common: they not only make coffee preparation easier and faster but are decisive for making a pleasant and aromatic coffee product contribution.