Water Heaters

It is known that, among other requirements, the temperature and quality of the water have a decisive influence on the taste of coffee. Ideally, the water temperature should be between 94 and 96 degrees Celsius.

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Cleaning the water heaters properly: tips & tricks

One thing in advance: most modern water heaters are easy to maintain. Surfaces made of glass, plastic, or metal can be cleaned quickly and easily with a damp cloth and mild detergent. In addition, however, you should make sure to change the filter element regularly. The best way to know how often you should replace it is to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Basically, the cleaner your device is, the longer it will last. Regular descaling with a special descaling agent or vinegar is important to remove deposits from floors or interior walls. If your water is usually calcareous, it is recommended to use a separate water filter, so the filtered water is boiled.

Perfect coffee in water heaters

The optimum pH is 7.0, the optimum coffee water is neither too acidic nor too alkaline, with a hardness of 8°d. However, in most of Germany, higher hardness can be found. If the water in your tap is too hard, you can of course use mineral water, which is a rather expensive variant in the long run. This is where a practical water filter comes into play.

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