Water Filters

True coffee connoisseurs adjust every possible influencing variable in order to finally have their perfect coffee on the table. A very decisive parameter for gourmet coffee is the choice of treatment of the water used.

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Basic information on water treatment

As many studies have shown that water is at least as important as ground coffee for a high-quality end product. After all, the finished coffee consists of hot water, which absorbs the coffee’s flavor through contact with the coffee grounds. You don’t have to dig for the next spring right away to use a high-quality base product. Water from the faucet is usually sufficient if properly treated beforehand.

Spigot from the faucet

Basically, there are different water treatment methods. The easiest way is to use tap water without further treatment. After all, German tap water is known for its high quality and is even used as drinking water in many households. However, tap water is only suitable for preparing coffee to a limited extent, as its properties vary from region to region. In many areas, its calcium content is too high, and if treated, limescale deposits can seriously damage the coffee machine. The result will be more damage to the coffee machine from daily use and increased cleaning. This is also bad for consumers.

Water filters are an alternative

Anyone who has taken a close look at optimizing coffee preparation will quickly conclude that unfiltered water in the tap is not the best choice. Especially in big cities, drinking water is often transported across the country through long pipelines. While the waterworks represent high drinking water quality, there should be a bit of skepticism. Regardless, problems with drug residues and bacteria can always be found in regional newspapers, which is why it’s best to filter or otherwise treat the water to be safe. Brita’s Simple Water Filter can now be found in almost every home and is a real alternative. However, as a consumer, you should ensure that you continue to use filtered water quickly or bacteria can form. Filters are interchangeable and will indicate when they should be replaced.

Activated carbon water filters and other alternatives

Some water filters contain activated carbon, which filters out impurities, metals, and other substances from the liquid. If you want to buy a water filter made of activated carbon, you should know more. Water quality varies widely, and not every model improves water quality through the filtration process. Many also swear by gemstones (crystals) for water treatment.

The water filter on the kitchen faucet

A slightly higher quality alternative to a separate water filter is the filter element integrated into the kitchen faucet, which allows filtered water to be taken directly from the faucet. This convenient solution prevents filtered liquid from sitting too long and prevents bacteria from forming on the filter. Depending on consumption, ink cartridges must be replaced every three to twelve months to ensure fluids are disposed of as needed. This is a one-time assembly compared to a separate water filter, but this can also be done easily by a layman. After that, maintenance work is manageable, and water treatment usually does not experience further complications. Those interested can find a variety of options at Cafendo.

Water treatment is just as important to enjoy the perfect coffee as choosing the right ground coffee. The use of a filter protects the coffee machine and coffee lovers can enjoy their coffee with peace of mind as a high-quality filter guarantees only clean water.