Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Accessories

Anyone who owns a fully automatic coffee machine knows the advantages of a generalist in coffee machines: the ability to prepare a wide range of specialty coffees quickly, easily, and individually.

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At the touch of a button or select the desired variant via the touchscreen, an aromatic coffee drink or even chocolate-flavored cocoa will be poured into the cup. No wonder fully automatic coffee machines are one of the most popular methods of coffee preparation. In order to maintain the pleasure of use for a long time, in order to realize the full potential of the coffee machine, high quality and suitable accessories are essential. There are many options and we will show you which products are suitable for your fully automatic machine, whether from Jura, DeLonghi, Melitta, Siemens, Miele, Philips, Saeco, Krups, Nivona, Bosch, AEG or other brands.

Helpful products for fully automatic coffee machines

If you already own a fully automatic machine or are currently planning to purchase a new model, you should definitely take a close look at the items and accessories below and order at the same time. Typical products include:

This creates the perfect milk froth

A strong dark espresso with stable crema is a good choice. Variations of milk or milk substitutes are at least as delicious as the classic coffee. What about a wonderfully creamy cappuccino, a smooth latte macchiato, or even a flat white coffee without the milk froth and perfect consistency? Porous and mild, it is the perfect complement to chocolate, fruity or spicy coffee aromas.

Depending on the model, some coffee machines with an integrated milk system can prepare premium milk specialities fully automatically, while others are equipped with a milk foam gun. For the latter, the milk tank is an ideal complement to the production of the creamy milk portion. Depending on the field of application and personal taste, you can choose from different sizes as well as colors and shapes. Striking blue or a classic in polished stainless steel? Create your own portfolio of high-quality accessories for your coffee machine by adapting your milk jug yourself to existing stock, cups, and coffee machine designs.

Our tip: You should definitely check out the category of milk system cleaners to keep your fully automatic machine’s milk froth system always clean and producing creamy milk froth. A must-have among fully automatic coffee machine accessories!

The (second) most important ingredient: Fresh and lime-free water

Even though coffee is an extremely aromatic hot drink with as many as 900 different flavors, the liquid energy boost is of course still mostly water. In addition to the fact that coffee beans dedicated to fully automatic machines should be of high quality, the quality of the water is equally important to the taste of the coffee variety. Even with the best and most expensive fully automatic coffee machines, hardness (i.e. lime content) can be reflected in poor taste nuances and lead to poor results. An important coffee machine accessory here is the correct descaling agent and/or water filter. Using high-quality products, water with excessive lime content can be filtered quickly and easily.

Filtered water that is low in lime is not only good for the coffee beverage that has been prepared, but also the coffee machine itself, as less lime deposits in its pipes, hoses and other components.

Prevent an expensive repair: descaler and cleaner

But even with soft, low lime water, regular descaling of the entire fully automatic machine is recommended. On the one hand, this ensures the pure aroma of the coffee preparation, and on the other hand, the many different internal components and delicate machinery are protected for a long time, which is not the only advantage of high-priced equipment.

Some coffee makers have fully automatic cleaning and descaling programs, while others require more manual work. You can get special products in two variants at the rotisserie. These include specific manufacturer products such as Melitta’s Perfect Clean milk system cleaner or Anti Calc powder, Miele’s milk line cleaner and tablets for fully automatic machines, EcoDecalk descaling agent for DeLonghi machines, Nivona liquid cleaner CreamCleaner or from A 2-stage cleaning tablet from the premium manufacturer Jura. You can also use general-purpose descaling and cleaning products, including those from Concept-Art, Durgol, and Gastroback.

Even though cleaning and descaling are not always the most popular “activities” of using your own fully automatic coffee machine, in order to be able to enjoy a full-bodied and aromatic coffee, it is essential to maintain high-quality equipment from time to time, espressos, cappuccinos Waiting for future specials to come. Also, you save on spare parts and even expensive repairs, which can be complicated and therefore often expensive, especially for fully automatic coffee machines.

Our tip: Order the right descaling and cleaning products for your equipment with your next coffee order. So you have the right accessories for your fully automatic coffee machine at hand, ready to use.