Thermo Mugs

Thermo mugs were introduced within the Eighties, and they are typically used for their thermal insulation properties when it comes to transporting hot or cold liquids. They are similar to vacuum mugs, usually well-insulated and completely enclosed to prevent spillage or leaking. However, the Thermo mug generally has an opening in the cover to consume the contents without spilling.

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The primary mechanism of a Thermo mug is not to allow hot beverages to lose heat. That is why a lid serves an important role to keep the drink hot. Even a thin plastic one can conduct heat quite quickly. Mugs that have inner and outer walls but are not vacuum treated are called double wall mugs. Usually, these mugs are made of stainless steel, which can be found in the inner wall, while the outer wall is stainless steel, or plastic, or embedded with other materials.

Besides, there are also mugs designed for when we use the car. They are called auto mugs or commuter mugs. Auto mugs are also in the category of Travel Mugs, and they are made from different materials, including the ones that a Thermo mug usually has.

Thermo mugs are ideal travel companions because they suit almost any situation – it doesn’t matter where you are, in the office, bike trip, in a car. But many of us wonder what Thermo mug we should choose to satisfy our needs.

Thermo Mugs for Extreme Temperatures

These thermal mugs are called insulated mugs, and they are designed to maintain the temperature of the contained drink for as long as possible. For many hours your coffee or tea is kept to the optimal temperature. Thermo mugs maintain temperature with various effectiveness.

Thermo Mugs in the Shape of Bottles

There are Thermo mugs in the shape of bottles, and they are becoming trendy because they are comfortable and safely confined. They perfectly fit a bag or backpack, made to suit the dynamic lifestyle.

Thermo Mugs for Trips

Depending on what trip you are going on, a Thermo mug feature could be vital to you. First of all, a Thermo mug needs to have a few essential characteristics to be an ideal travel mug:

Thermo Mugs for Office

There are also Thermo mugs that suit well the office desk. Those mugs are a perfect desk accessory because they are shaped like a classic ceramic mug. These mugs do not keep the temperature as long as their traditional counterparts, but they certainly win compared to porcelain or glass mugs. In addition, they can also be used as a substitute for disposable cups, for example, when you order to-go coffee.

Thermo Mugs with Huge Capacity

If you need a tremendous amount of beverage, or maybe you have to spend a lot of time outside without access to water and kettle, think of the XXL Thermo mugs. The biggest ones that are around 1l are called thermoses. However, you can still find some interesting ones that contain around 600ml of liquid or more.

Thermo Mugs for Kids

The Thermo mugs for children are colors, colors, and colors! The choice of mugs for the children category is absolutely everything. There are also small thermoses with a bit of leash, where they can be easily held or attached to a backpack.