Milk is great on its own as a snack between meals or as a supplement to cereal. Hot chocolate also provides extra comfort and warmth on cold winter days. Hot milk is preferably mixed with cocoa powder or cocoa with cold milk. And let’s not forget about the milk in your coffee.

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Latte art milk froth

Milk is also essential for perfect milk froth like a cappuccino. It can be used to prepare creamy barista milk froth. Have you ever had a cappuccino with a heart or other pattern in a coffee shop? These so-called latte art patterns make coffee even more pleasing. With the right milk frother and a lot of practice, the whole thing can be prepared at home too – try it now. A suitable milk frother is suitable for this. Some coffee machines, such as mobile filters, have an integrated steam lance to froth the milk. If you don’t have a mobile filter, you can easily make high-quality frothed milk yourself using a hand-held frother or an electric milk frother. It can be used to make many great coffee recipes such as cappuccino, latte macchiato, chai latte, and even flat white.

Particularly practical: long-life milk

Even if fresh milk is delicious, it must be consumed quickly after opening. It’s not practical if you only need a little milk. Shelf life milk, on the other hand, is very practical because depending on the type and fat content, it can last several months unopened and still taste great! Using a special heating process, UHT milk is gently heated for a few seconds. As a result, both the taste and the ingredients last for a long time. Maybe you’re currently planning a camping trip or your next trip to a resort and need milk? UHT milk is also great for this. It doesn’t have to be opened before opening and can be easily stowed in the trunk.

Delicious coffee recipes with milk