Coffee Brushes

A coffee machine in the workroom break room is a good thing for employees. In order for employees to enjoy great coffee even after months of uninterrupted operation, fully automatic machines must be cleaned from time to time.

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The small, space-saving appliance is very practical because you can get to places that other cleaners or rags can’t. Brushes are essential, especially when cleaning mobile filters. They can be used to quickly and easily remove leftover ground coffee from brew sets and coffee grinders. Does your mobile filter come with an extra cleaning brush? No problem, at Cafendo we offer you a range of different cleaning brushes that you can order at the convenience of your home.

The special group brushes are almost as important. As the name suggests, these are suitable for cleaning the brew group. To do this, you can simply hang a blind screen in the mobile filter and do an air pump. Then clean with a round brush, clean the brew group and seal again. The bristles can also be bent to any part of the brew group. Regular cleaning of the portafilter seal will significantly extend the life of your mobile filter.

Cleaning brushes and hoses

Coffee machines need to be cleaned from time to time so that they can consistently produce the same quality. With each operation, minute residues of coffee grounds, frothed milk, limescale, or ground coffee remain in the fully automatic coffee machine without affecting operation in the short term. However, over time, the residue will get bigger and bigger, so sooner or later the coffee machine will not work properly. It is not uncommon for the taste experience to be increasingly affected by this defect. Of course, it’s annoying for employees who are expecting his freshly frothy cappuccino or his strong espresso, only to be faced with an error message after pressing the prepare button. The sustained operation of a fully automatic coffee machine can easily be achieved if the machine is checked at regular intervals and cleaned from time to time, for example with a brush. With the cleaning brush with a replaceable brush head and hot water draining edge, it is particularly easy to handle, for example, the brewing kit can be cleaned under running water without any problems or complications. Cleaning the brew group is especially easy with the malleable Concept-Art Round Brush, as the brush can flex as needed, meaning even hard-to-reach areas of the machine can be cleaned and cleaned. The milk hose of a milk frother is often clogged in coffee machines because the frothed and cooled milk can gradually stick to the walls of the milk hose. To clean it, you need a special milk hose brush, which loosens the deposits in the milk hose. Of course, you can also find these in our store.

Cleaning the coffee grinder

In addition to your coffee machine, you should of course clean your coffee grinder thoroughly on a regular basis. This usually takes less than 10 minutes and is generally quick to complete. Importantly, manual coffee grinders are cleaned differently than electric models. What accessories do you need and how to best remove leftovers from your grinder:

Cleaning a manual coffee grinder: To clean it, simply unscrew the grinder container and wash with warm water and a cloth until old coffee residue and oil are removed. Then, you can use the brush to clean the grinding disc of the grinder. For example, Commandante offers many high-quality brush models that are perfect for cleaning your grinder.

Cleaning the Electric Coffee Grinder: First, you can wipe the coffee bean container, also known as the hopper, with a damp cloth. To remove leftover and stale coffee grounds from your grinder, simply vacuum it out. In order to thoroughly clean the grinder, you will also need a cleaning granule, these are usually grain-based.

The importance of regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of your fully automatic coffee machine is essential for full functionality over a long period of time and should not be underestimated. After all, fully automatic machines for coffee kitchens are high-quality and expensive pieces of equipment that employees should benefit from for years or even decades. It would be a shame if you had to replace equipment just because you neglected to clean it regularly.