The Moka Globe by E&B Lab is modern and refined, with its sandblasted black tank and the upper part in transparent glass that allows you to admire the extraction of the coffee in its entirety. Entirely made in Italy, the 3-cup coffee maker differs from all the others on the market not only for its unique design but also for the quality of its filter designed to enhance the extraction of coffee with the Moka.

In fact, this filter is equipped with many smaller holes (diameter of 0.2 mm), the traditional ones less numerous (≈ diameter of 0.8 mm) which allow perfect extraction by reducing the water pressure that could damage the panel. ground coffee in the filter.

Thanks to this filter which also retains many more fine particles of coffee, a cleaner drink is obtained, reducing bitterness and increasing the sweetness and balance of the coffee cup.


Material: aluminum, borosilicate glass

Gasket: silicone

Filter: stainless steel - photo-etched membrane with 200 μm filtering capacity

Tank color: sandblasted black

Capacity : 3 cups

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A coffee maker with a unique and elegant design, with a “competition” filter and a very fine and ultra-resistant glass element that makes the preparation of coffee a fascinating ritual.

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