French coffee: how to use the French press

Coffee Recipes

In Italy, it is almost unknown and used mainly to prepare long barley coffee, in Anglo-Saxon countries and northern Europe, it is very popular and present in many homes. It is the French press, a brewing system that allows you to taste a different kind of coffee than usual. Do you know how to use the French press? Find out with us; it’s worth it: the result is all to taste.

What the French coffee maker looks like

It is not only the moka coffee maker that was invented by an Italian, so was the design of the french press. In 1929, Attilio Calimani filed a patent for the plunger or French coffee maker, consisting of:

  • Cylindrical glass beaker.
  • A lid.
  • A plunger fitted with a screen filter.

How to brew coffee with the French press

Somewhat like in the preparation of the mocha, you need to follow a few directions to make a proper French press coffee:

Heat about 500 ml of water in a saucepan without boiling it.

Remove the plunger from the coffee pot and insert about 30 g of coffee powder.

Pour in the water and vigorously mix the two ingredients with a teaspoon.

Place the plunger in the water for 3-4 minutes. You can prolong the brew if you want a stronger coffee.

Dip the plunger in with slow, gentle downward pressure, crushing the ground coffee to the bottom.

Now you can pour your large coffee into the cup.

The appearance of the drink is vaguely reminiscent of American coffee. Compared to a traditional espresso, the flavor is less intense but more aromatic and spicy. It seems that trying it once is enough to never be without it again!