Dubai Coffee Museum: a dive into Arab history and culture


Tucked away in the heart of Al Fahidi, the city’s historic district, the Dubai Coffee Museum is a must-see for all coffee connoisseurs, not least because it is the first coffee museum in the Middle East.

Inside, visitors can immerse themselves in a true sensory journey to trace the Arab history and tradition of coffee.

Inside the Dubai Coffee Museum

In the museum’s interior spaces, in addition to various distinctive elements of local culture, we also find plenty of references to coffee worship in other countries around the world. Coffee grinders from World War I and old coffee pots that are not only true historical artifacts but also records of data on the origins and history of coffee.

The architecture, care, and organization of the museum reflect the importance the Arabs attach to this aspect of their culture. Inside, it is also possible to learn numerous details about coffee extraction and roasting methods.

In the museum, we also find a small gift store and a very cozy cafeteria, where you can sit and enjoy different types of coffee drinks.

Arabs and the coffee ritual

The Arab coffee pot, called a dallah, is normally held in the left hand. When pouring coffee, the ritual is to start with the most important guest and end with the youngest guest.

If the guest does not want more coffee, he has no need to speak. He simply has to tilt the cup on the opposite side to stop the coffee.

A simple but very precise ritual to which the Arab tradition is very much attached.