Coffee promotes concentration, alertness, and performance. This is because of the caffeine. It is now well established that coffee is not only harmless to health, but that it is even good to drink it every day. Coffee promotes the production of “happiness hormones” such as serotonin and dopamine.


The Nutrition Center recommends three or four cups of coffee. This depends on the strength. Indeed, unfiltered coffee, such as espresso and coffee from cups, contains cafesol. By the way, it takes about five hours for half of the caffeine to disappear from the body. If you are sensitive to it, even a cup in the late afternoon can still give you a wakeful night. That may or may not be a disadvantage.


Special apps have also been developed for true coffee lovers. The apps provide extensive background information on coffee, give you all the details to make your own coffee, or point you to the nearby barista coffee bar. Of course, Starbucks cannot be missed. Coffee, cappuccino, or a luxurious frappucinno can be ordered with muffins via a mobile app. This avoids having to wait in line. The Headhunter app searches the coffee cafes in the Netherlands. It’s easy if you are in an unfamiliar place and fancy a good cup of coffee.


If you are not yet an accomplished barista, the Acacia and the Spro app explain the necessary ingredients to make different coffee varieties of an ideal espresso, cappuccino, or latte macchiato. The apps are for iOS and Android. This is ideal for the iPhone 11 or the Samsung Galaxy.

Coffee may be good for your health, but it can be quite damaging to your smartphone. Many accidents happen due to toppled full coffee cups. Buying an iPhone 11 case at least gives the assurance that your precious iPhone is optimally protected against moisture, dirt and scratches. In addition, drinking coffee with an iPhone case with a coffee print becomes even more intense.