Commander C40 MK3 American Cherry

For our coffee grinders, we develop grinders made of high-quality materials and with special grinder geometries. NITRO BLADE® is the ultimate grinder for specialty coffee enthusiasts. It was specially developed for hand-operated and low-dust grinding. The grinder geometry of NITRO BLADE® has been optimized over the years and in its current form delivers outstanding grinding results for a wide range of preparations. For NITRO BLADE® we use a patented special stainless steel that was developed for extremely sharp and durable cutting tools. The martensitic crystal structure in this steel is exceptionally fine-structured and the high alloy content of chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum make this stainless steel robust and corrosion-resistant. In addition, the embedded microcarbides ensure good edge sharpness and very high cutting stability. Care must therefore be taken if they come into direct contact with the grinder teeth and ground micro-blades on the ring or cone.

Chemically neutral and rustproof grinder

Stainless steel axle with two rustproof ball bearings

With a hand mill, details and small components play a major role. For example, not everyone is naturally endowed with excessive muscle strength. That's why it was important to us that everything on our coffee grinders works smoothly and with as little friction as possible. The central axis of our Comandante® C40 is made of stainless steel. It is guided by 2 stainless steel ball bearings and therefore turns extremely easily. Both ball bearings are provided with a rubber seal and are therefore well protected from coffee dust. We have optimized the entire mechanics and ergonomics, from the wooden knob to the crank rod and axle to the grinder, and ensure smooth power transmission during the grinding process. The transparent plastic disc was pressed onto the stainless steel crank,

Natural wood - 100% oak

The crank handle of the Comandante® C40 is made in the Black Forest and is made of solid oak. Each wooden knob shows its very own, naturally beautiful grain - a solid piece of nature. Since there is a push-button inside, you can pull the wooden knob off with a little force and push it back on. We have designed the size and shape of the wood purchase so that it fits comfortably in the hand and perfectly supports the power transmission during the grinding process. Please keep in mind that natural wood can change color over time. If you constantly expose wooden surfaces to direct sunlight, the natural wood color may fade somewhat. Connoisseurs appreciate the vintage look of naturally aged wood. If you care for the wooden surfaces with hard wax oil once a year, you will be able to enjoy your grinder for a long time.

Glass jar with lid

The glass container has a capacity of 40 grams of coffee. This allows you to brew about 4 to 5 cups of coffee. We use glass because it's a perfect storage medium and it's easy to clean with hot water. You will receive two glass containers - one in white glass optics and one in amber glass optics. You will also receive a lid made of Urochem 371 for the second glass container. This lid is made from renewable natural resources and is recyclable.

Grinder adjuster - click mechanism

Our C40 has a finely graduated grinder adjustment, which also enables some fine gradations within a type of preparation. In order to avoid uncontrolled adjustments during grinding, we have built a 3-way, fully locking click mechanism into the adjuster, which holds the grinder securely in position. The adjuster sits just below the grinder, is easily accessible and can be precisely adjusted with three fingertips with a click. However, you should make sure that the setting is made without coffee in the grinder, as this is easier to do.


Remove the crank and fill the C40 with whole, freshly roasted coffee beans. You can set the degree of grinding with the three-wing grinder at the bottom. We deliver the grinder with a filter setting of approx. 20 clicks. The right grind setting depends on the brewing method and very much on your individual taste. The best thing to do is simply test it yourself with your personal favorite coffee and with your preferred brewing method. If you close the empty grinder completely in a clockwise direction and then count the number of clicks when opening it counterclockwise, you will reach the different grinding degree ranges.

Recommended grind ranges

under 8 clicks for preparation in the Ibrik 8 – 15 clicks for espresso preparations 15 – 20 clicks for preparation in the Bialetti 20 – 25 clicks for hand filter brewing methods 25 – 30 clicks for Aeropress & French Press 28+ clicks for the Carlsbader pot

There are no preparation suggestions
There is no aroma specified yet.


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Commander C40 MK3 American Cherry

Extremely precise hand mill. No compromises were made here in terms of quality and performance.

  • Very hard, individually sharpened edges of the grinding discs cut the coffee beans.
  • Easy cranking thanks to double ball-bearing grinder
  • Made in Germany
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