Coffee in Vienna: the historic coffee shops


There are many reasons to visit Vienna, but one of them definitely includes coffee. The city, in fact, is full of historic coffee shops that, together with pastry shops, are true institutions.

Precisely because of its very old tradition, drinking coffee in Vienna is a very special experience, almost like plunging into another era.

And for those Italians who are not exactly attracted by the idea of drinking an espresso abroad, let’s specify that since 2011, some of the most famous Viennese coffee houses have been included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Let’s explore the three best-known Viennese coffee houses frequented by tourists.

A timeless classic: Vienna’s Sacher Café

If we talk about cafes and Vienna, we cannot help but start with the Sacher Café, the most famous and frequented by tourists from all over the world. Why is it the most famous? Simply because many years ago, the eponymous Sacher cake was born inside it.

The prestige of the café is also understood by its sumptuous décor, which is really very elegant and sophisticated, embellished with period furniture. To be perfectly integrated in this atmosphere, do not forget the rules of etiquette concerning coffee.

Demel: the pastry shop that served the imperial court

Yes, at one time, the Demel coffee shop was the official pastry shop of the imperial court. Over the years, although the clientele has changed, the high quality of the products and services has remained unchanged.

It may happen that you may not be able to get in because of long waits, but it is worth even just stopping by to take a picture of this charming place. An interesting fact about Demel is that in its 200 years of operation, it has employed only female staff, both for service and sales.


Since 1876, history and tradition at Cafe Central

A real step back in time: to enter Café Central is to immerse yourself in an ancient atmosphere, full of history and memories. It seems that big names in history were regular guests of the café, to write, debate politics, read a good book, and play chess.

Marble columns, crystal chandeliers, and large arches make this café a true combination of elegance and magnificence. In the afternoons, live musical accompaniment on the piano is offered to accompany tourists who sit down to sip tea, drink coffee, or eat a slice of cake.

Undecided on what to order? Let’s try to give you some advice on Vienna coffee types.

Coffee in Vienna: which one to choose?

Coffee is international, no doubt about it, but depending on the countries you visit, you can find very tasty and fascinating variations. If you are in Vienna and want to order a typical coffee, then you can choose from:

  • Mokka: black coffee without any additions.
  • Brauner: black coffee with added cream. You can ask for it klein (small) or gross (large).
  • Einspänner: with whipped cream.
  • Verlängerter: is the classic brauner diluted with hot water.
  • Kapuziner: coffee with milk and a sprinkling of cocoa.
  • Eiskaffee: iced coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.
  • Melange: a Vienna classic, similar to cappuccino but with milk foam.
  • Maria Theresia: with orange liqueur and whipped cream.

Accompany your coffee with a slice of cake, and you are ready to soak up the Viennese atmosphere.