Coffee in Amsterdam: the historic coffee shops


Amsterdam is an incredibly fascinating city full of stories to tell. If you’re thinking of visiting it, then you’ll want to include in your travel itinerary some of the many historic coffee shops that are much loved by tourists.

And for you, who always go abroad desperate for a real espresso, read on: there is a little bit of Italy in so many cafes in Amsterdam.

Cafes in Amsterdam: a real blast from the past

Every tourist who visits the Dutch capital is transported into an enchanting atmosphere. During your tours of the city, take a break at one of the many cafes overlooking the canals.

Chris Coffee is perhaps one of the most famous. It was opened in 1624, and crossing its threshold is like taking a trip back in time.

For a more intimate, quaint, and cozy place, The Moment is the perfect destination. Just steps from the Anne Frank House, you’ll find pastries, juices, and fresh fruit at this café.

For a tour of the less touristy area of Amsterdam, the perfect stop is Toki, a café with minimal decor that, like a classic literary café, is frequented daily by artists and young creatives.

Amsterdam’s most historic café: Karpershoek Café

The ones we have mentioned are just a few of the best-known cafes visited by tourists. Deserving special attention is Karpershoek Café, which, having been established in 1606, turns out to be the oldest café in Amsterdam. It was once the inn of choice for the crews of East India Company ships.

Today, its strategic location in the heart of the city center makes it easily accessible and therefore very popular with tourists from all over the world.


Where to drink a real espresso in Amsterdam

For Italians, drinking espresso abroad is always unknown. But we have great news for those planning a trip to Amsterdam: there are many coffee shops that, in addition to typical local products, offer real Italian-style espresso on their menus.

Here are a few:

  1. De Koffie Salon: delicious and very Italian, this Dutch café has only its name.
  2. Screaming Beans: for a creamy and aromatic espresso.
  3. Al Ponte: little bigger than a kiosk, it has a wonderful rooftop terrace to admire the city skyline.
  4. Lot Sixty One-Coffee Roaster: coffee blends from around the world, roasted in the city. To be surprised by a new and different taste every day.

Remember that in the Netherlands, coffee is rarely consumed over the counter, so pick the place you like best, sit back and enjoy your espresso.