Latte Cups

Latte Cups

Latte cups or Latte mugs come in various shapes and sizes, and everyone has their perfect order. No matter how big or sweet your latte is, we have a cup for you.

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Lattes are served in wider bowl-shaped cups with a capacity of approximately 325ml to 440ml. If you want to add coffee flavors, plant milk, or latte art, the latte cup can provide you with extra space. The wide cup shape allows you or the barista to pour steamed milk into espresso quickly. In addition, what better way to get your puppy closer than to put their name on the cup and some cute dog illustrations.

What is the size of the Latte cup?

The latte cup or mug is packed in a wider bowl-shaped cup, holding approximately 325 ml to 440 ml.

The Oversized Latte Cup

Whether you are preparing for a big game or celebrating an anniversary, now is the time to bring out the growler and beer mug. The oversized latte cup is the perfect dish for those delicious snacks when your stomach is roaring. Use a few photo studio latte cups, a tray, and a tea towel to add interest to the table decoration to prevent spills.

Flat White Vs Latte

Ever wondered what the difference between flat white and latte is? Let us find out!

First, let's break down the two drinks and compare them side by side.

Flat White

Served in: 150-180 ml ceramic cup.

The number of espresso shots: 1.

Foam depth: about 5 mm.

Caffe Latte

Serving: 220 ml glass

The number of espresso shots: 1

Foam depth: about 15 to 20 mm

Flawed view

At first, glance, when looking at the volume ratio of espresso to milk, it seems logical to say that latte is the weaker of the two beverages (i.e., because the glass is more prominent in size, the degree of dilution is higher, and therefore the concentration is the lowest).

However, looking at the volume ratio of coffee to milk in isolation is flawed because it does not consider the effect of the space occupied by the foam in each type of coffee. The area occupied by milk froth is dead space-more froth means less room for liquid milk and vice versa.

So what is the impact of milk foam?

Each espresso cup is pure white (160 ml cup), and the latte (220 ml glass) is 30 ml. This will leave 130 ml and 190 ml of space for each drink, respectively, to fill the textured milk.

If we scrape off the last bit of foam in both beverages, the amount of milk left will be far less than the 130ml and 190ml texture milk we initially poured. How much foam the drink contains will affect the final concentration of the beverage.

To determine the influence of milk froth volume on beverage concentration, an experiment was in which 4 cups of pure white coffee and 4 cups of latte were made and measured to calculate the coffee concentration.

The Average Flat White:

Coffee 1,23%

Fat 2,94%

Lactose 4,15%

Protein 2,94%

Water 88,74%

Total drink weight 147,4 grams

The Average Latte:

Coffee 1,16%

Fat 2,96%

Lactose 4,18%

Protein 2,96%

Water 88,74%

Total drink weight 156,7 grams

Here is what we know:

  • The average flat white edge is 0.07% stronger than the average latte.
  • The average latte is 9.3 grams heavier than the average pure white.
  • The distance between two average beverages is less than 10 grams, equivalent to a sip of liquid coffee.

The following are the main differences between the two beverages:

  • Flat white is made with a cup, while coffee latte is made with a slightly larger glass
  • Flat white has about 5 mm of foam, while the latte in the glass has about 15 mm of foam

Here are the similarities:

  • Flat white and latte use the same amount of espresso
  • Flat white and latte have very similar liquid milk content (excluding foam)

We all agree that both coffees are delicious :)

Flat Whites are more or less the same as a coffee latte, an espresso diluted with deliciously creamy milk. The former is held in a cup, and the latter is stored in a glass.

The two drinks are almost indistinguishable in a takeaway cup with a lid.

Therefore, you can have another drink whether you are a pure white lover or an avid latte lover!