Buying the tastiest coffee beans , what do you pay attention to?


Buying the tastiest coffee beans, what do you pay attention to?

You want to buy good coffee, but are you paying attention exactly? Below we give several tips for buying tasty coffee.

  • Brands: We like to choose locally roasted coffee, which is still lovely and fresh. Give it a try. The problem with commercial brands is that the beans are no longer fresh and lose flavor.
  • Freshly ground coffee: it’s best to buy whole coffee beans, but then you need a fully automatic machine or coffee grinder. If you don’t have this, pay attention to the burn date. Coffee is fresh up to 8 weeks after the roast date. Unfortunately, not all brands state the burn date on the packaging.
  • Arabica, robusta or a blend: arabica provides fine and soft aromas, while robusta provides an intense and bitter aftertaste. We recommend 100% Arabica for filter coffee, but blends can be very suitable for an espresso or a cappuccino. Robusta ensures a beautiful crema layer. 
  • Origin of coffee: in our opinion the best coffee beans come from Africa or South America. Today we also see more and more good coffee coming from Asia.
  • Coffee grinder: if you buy pre-ground coffee, choose the right grind. For espresso you need a very fine grinding degree and for filter coffee it may be slightly coarser. This is often stated on the packaging. 
  • Burning degree: do you like an aromatic and soft taste? Then you choose lightly roasted. If you like balanced flavors – sweet, sour with a bitter aftertaste – then choose medium. If you want to make a real Italian espresso, then a dark roast is what you’re looking for.