A cappuccino is perhaps one of the most beloved cups of coffee. In our eyes, that beautiful foam layer also completes your cup of coffee. If you want to make such a beautiful foam layer at home, you need a milk frother. Which milk frother is the best to buy? Suppose you buy a new milk frother, what should you pay attention to? Which milk frother has been tested best? Does a cheap milk frother automatically come out worse in the test? We went to investigate for you! Read our findings below.

Top 5 Electric Milk Frothers

There are manual milk frothers and automatic milk frothers. We start with the most common category: the automatic milk frothers. These milk frothers are pleasant to use and you have a beautiful foam layer on your coffee in no time. Which milk frother suits you best depends on the number of cups of cappuccino you want to make and whether you also need cold milk foam. In addition, with some electric milk frothers it is also possible to heat up milk for, for example, latte or chocolate milk.

1. Inventum MK350

The Inventum MK350 is one of the best-selling electric milk frothers of 2022. That may also be due to the price: it is a relatively cheap milk frother. The milk frother is quiet, very user-friendly and warm milk foam is ready for you within 90 seconds. This milk frother is also easy to clean. It does have one drawback: you can froth a maximum of milk for 2 cappuccinos at the same time, thanks to the 115 ml capacity. This milk frother has a good price/quality ratio and is therefore number one in the top 5 of the best milk frothers that are currently for sale.

2. Philips Senseo CA6500/60

Slightly more expensive than the number 1, but with this Philips Senseo CA6500/60 you can also froth milk cold. The Philips automatic milk frother has capacity for 2 cups of coffee and is easy to clean. Many users are also very pleased with the design of this machine, but of course there is no arguing about taste. It is also the only all-black milk frother to be in the top 5 of milk frothers. With the Senseo CA6500/60, Philips has put a very nice milk frother on the market.

3. Krups XL2000

As the name of the Krups XL2000 suggests, this milk frother has a large filling capacity. With 150 ml you can easily make milk foam for 3 cappuccinos at the same time. It is also possible to use the milk frother to only heat milk. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make cold milk foam with this milk frother. The stainless steel housing of this milk frother also makes it easy to clean.

4. Jura automatic milk frother

The Jura automatic milk frother is one of the more expensive ones, but this powerhouse can do just about anything. Enough capacity for 3 cappuccinos and with this design milk frother you can make both hot and cold milk foam. Only heating milk is also possible with this device. Although the Jura milk frother looks very stylish, it does take up quite a lot of space on your counter due to the wide base.

5. Inventum MK750

The Inventum MK750 has the most capacity of this list: you can make foam for 4 cappuccinos in one go. The electric milk frother can froth both hot and cold. Only heating milk is also possible, but you have to change an attachment for this. This is the second Inventum milk frother in the list, so we can say that Inventum has excellent products with their milk frothers. The price in particular is often the decisive factor when choosing an Inventum milk frother.

Best hand milk frother

Are you looking for a cheap milk frother that takes up less space? Then you quickly end up with hand-held milk frothers. A hand milk frother is – as the name suggests – not a clumsy device, but a smaller device that you hold in your hand to froth milk. The process is very simple: heat up milk, put the hand milk frother in it and with 1 press of the button you froth the milk.

Scanpart milk frother

The Scanpart manual milk frother does everything it’s supposed to do. It is a relatively inexpensive milk frother with an ergonomic rubber handle. The device is very easy to use and you don’t even need a socket; it runs on 2 AA batteries. This also makes it suitable to take with you on holiday. A good choice for making delicious milk foam anytime and anywhere.

How do you use a milk frother?

Enjoying a delicious cappuccino with a foam layer at home is so nice. But how do you actually do that: frothing milk with a milk frother? An electric milk frother works very simply: pour the milk in, put the lid on and turn on the switch. Please note the following:

  • You can use either cold milk or room temperature milk;
  • Make sure you don’t exceed the maximum amount of milk. The capacity differs per milk frother, so look carefully at the line on the inside;
  • Pour the milk foam directly into your cup, this will make it easier for the foam to come out.

How do you clean a milk frother?

Tip: always clean the milk frother immediately after use, otherwise the milk residues will stick. Some milk frothers allow you to remove the whisk for easier cleaning. It is not necessary to use all kinds of cleaning agents, rinsing with water and wiping with a tea towel is sufficient.