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Zodiac Coffee Roasters
Huntington Beach, CA.
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Huntington Beach, CA., California
United States

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for a fresh moment, and new intention. Like coffee is the foundation for your day, intention setting can be the foundation for personal growth, enjoyment of life, and an experience of positivity.  

We believe coffee can teach us about ourselves. 

And Zodiac stands for the continuous education of self. 

Zodiac coffee

Coffee can be more than an energy boost. It can be a boost the energy you desire. This is the magic of new moments, and the possibilities that present when you take time to slow down and get into your element.

Our specialty coffees are brewed with simplicity - no fancy shenanigans here. Just coffee, brewed artistically, sourced ethically and ready for your morning.


Very tasty and has a pleasant smell.

It has a subtle and unique flavor. Very good!

They have something special for their coffee, I love it!

The coffee is very fine and has an exceptional taste.

I recommend! Very good!

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