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Why Two Wheels is the name of a specialty coffee roastery?

Because we love motorcycling in the same way as roasting specialty coffees, Scandinavian coffee culture and motor culture run hand in hand side by side. Both philosophies symbolize an endless path we go on, which never ends, we just feel the cool breeze of freedom on it. Delight permeates our bodies and souls while we ride a motorbike, just as we drink a Two Wheels specialty coffee early in the morning to wake us up and put our minds in battle mode. We love custom bikes, in which the creator smuggles some unique individuality, just as the coffee which is created by the roasting master because every single coffee roast is unique. Two 100% identical coffee roasts do not exist in the world, in each roasting there is a large dose of individuality, just as in the custom bikes, symbolizing the feeling of complete freedom and passing it on to its friend, to its rider and drinker.

two wheels coffee poured

We love Brat Style Motorcycles, which is why we chose a bike of that kind as our logo, which radiates our HIPSTER philosophy of life and is associated with our high-quality roasted specialty coffee.

- We also attach great importance to the cleanliness of our environment and the protection of animals, with a focus on improving the quality of life of one of the most wonderful living beings, dogs, for whom we would like to spend 1% of our annual net profit.

- Our mission is to introduce to our customers the culture of specialty coffee as widely as possible and make them fall in love with it. To this end, we strive for excellence in all segments of our work.

After a long time of studying and practicing within the coffee industry and business, our young and energetic team founded the Two Wheels Coffee Roasters’ manufactory, which operates as a family business to the delight of our coffee maniac customers. We strive to introduce to our customers the also well known as the New Wave

Scandinavian specialty coffee culture as widely as possible.

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We have created our Two Wheels Coffee Culture Encyclopedia in which we publish articles on specialty and other coffee topics on a regular basis.

One of the cornerstones of our concept is that we roast your coffee immediately after placing your order and we always roast only super fresh green coffee which is purchased by our Q Graders in Africa or South America in order to get the freshest, more flavor-saturated coffee into our customers’ cups.

We will still address this issue in our Two Wheels Coffee Culture Encyclopedia, but we also would like to draw our customers’ attention to the fact that the freshly roasted coffee develops and lives for 30 days, while you are actually able to enjoy every note of its taste. The transformation of the tasting notes may be recognized for a further 30 days after, however, after 60 days, the coffee starts to lose its value. Well, that’s why it’s important for us to serve the most freshly roasted coffee to our beloved clients.

After roasting, the coffee should rest for a few days, and after approximately 7-8 days, and when the gases produced during the thermal processes left the coffee beans’ body, during the next 22-23 days the coffee will reach its taste peak, at that point we may also say that the tasting notes of coffee are fulfilled.

The one-way valve on the side of the coffee pack promotes the escape of the gases which were generated during the roasting process.

  • We pay attention to protecting our environment, which is why we use Co2 neutral coffee bags. In addition, the high quality of the coffee bag is important to us.
  • Furthermore, in order to protect our environment, we have connected a special electrostatic GIESEN smoke filter to our high-quality GIESEN coffee roaster.
  • We also use a GIESEN Destoner in our coffee roasting manufactory. After cooling, the roasted coffee is passed directly through the Destoner in order to separate any foreign substance, such as pebbles or screws from the coffee, thus protecting the integrity and functionality of our customers' coffee grinders and coffee machines.

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