Top 10 best cafes in America


America is the land where everything is possible. The cuisine, the landscapes, people, vibes, and places may leave a mark on you. You will be astonished by everything you will see there and you will get home with a lot of good experiences. 

Besides the fact that you will be impressed by their traditions, you will have a great surprise to see that they are creative and tactful when it comes to developing new specialities for food and drink. In fact, Americans pay attention to how customers feel in their restaurants. They put emphasis on their desires and requirements and they try to fulfil them in a professional manner. 

We all know about their tasteful wine, but they are really good at making coffee . Moreover, they have some of the best places where you can go and enjoy a great latte or a sweet cappuccino with a lot of syrup and milk. Were I to mention the best places where is a must to go for an incredible coffee in America, I would definitely mention the following:

10. Sightglass – San Francisco, California

California has a lot of beautiful places where you can drink a great strong coffee. But Sightglass overcame all the expectations. This bar is actually a production roastery, dynamic open coffee bar and also a community gathering space all in one.  They also have an Affogato bar which is very reliable and stylish. 

9. Downtown CREDO – Orlando, Florida

Besides the College Park location, CREDO has other two in town. What is interesting about them is the fact that they practice a policy called “name your price” where you can decide how much to pay for the coffee. This is a very unique and ingenious practice. But what is more important is the fact they source coffee directly from smaller farms, roasted locally. And for their customers and community surprise, they host a great amount of informative and inclusive events and talks. 

8. Ruby Coffee Roasters – Amherst Junction, Wisconsin

It is a micro roasting business made in 2013 in the garage of the founder’s home and since then they have developed a lot improving their quality of coffee and treatment for their customers. They serve incredibly tasty coffee in the store and they also roast and ship with UPS so you can get your coffee dose immediately and super fresh. 

7. Vesta Coffee Roasters – Las Vegas, Nevada

It is said to be one of the most sustainable sourced green coffee from around the world. Their coffee comes from Columbia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Guatemala and they prepare it with a lot of passion having a keen eye to details. You will fall in love with the industrial-chic style store they have which step them out of the usual. While you’re in Vegas take a rest at their place. 

6. Horizon Line Coffee – Des Moines, Iowa

Located in the Gateway neighborhood of downtown Des Moines, Horizon Line coffee is a famous coffee bar and roastery In Iowa of high quality coffee that is organic, fresh, and flavorful. Their coffee is being brewed in three different ways: a double shot of espresso, cold brew, and a pour over. They also serve non-alcoholic coffee cocktails. Their mission in the market is to serve good coffee and care about others. 

5. Mile Square Coffee – Indianapolis, Indiana

Mile Square Coffee, located in the iconic Indianapolis City Market, is loved for the carefully prepared espresso traditional milk-based beverages as well as flavorful filter drip coffees. You may also want to try the house-made specialties such as the smoked bergamot chai latte, the nitro cold brew, or a pastry from its parent store, Circle City Sweets. Those who are really interested in coffee have to taste their specialities for sure.

4. Little Goat Coffee Roasting Co – Newark, Delaware

Fourth place is taken by Little Goat coffee Roasting where customers enjoy freshly roasted coffee. Outside of their cafe, you will find them at your favorite eateries, grocers, workspaces, schools, and cafes. Where they support their wholesale customers in their brewing endeavors. Besides being the best at flavouring coffee, their passion is to provide coffee to the community.

3. Trouble Coffee and Co.– San Francisco, California

They deserve to be on the podium because of their unique style of serving coffee in a paper cup or in a really vintage looking cup. The place looks really vintage which makes it very different from others. What triggers my attention is the fact they have a combo called “build your own damn house” that comes with a coffee, young coconut, and a piece of cinnamon toast. The combo is the perfect match with a hardworking day because it has the exact amount of caffeine to wake you up.

2. Noci Cafe- Scottsdale, Arizona 

Second place is taken by Noci Cafe because of its most instagrammable coffee beans and best American breakfast you can have in Arizona. If you arrive there, try those pancakes and savory crepes they have made by their professional chefs. But If I were you, I would grab some sandwiches from their house specialties too. Their taste is very hard to obtain and I would say that there has to be a secret ingredient for their food and drink. 

1.  Black Cat Coffee House- Phoenix, Arizona 

This is definitely a must if you are really into coffee. They have been on the market place since 2011, and they like to think of themselves as a living room away from customers’ homes. They have a rally cozy and chill vibe at their location and their products are locally sourced. Helping other small businesses is one of their habits. Their artwork on their walls change every couple of months and this gives you different feelings, makes you go there more frequently to see the changes. But what will give you the greatest satisfaction will be the coffee. Their specialties are definitely the Blended Coffee with ice and your choice of milk blended together for a smooth consistency and also French Press which is a coarse ground coffee forced through water by a mechanical plunger.