The most consumed coffees in the world


You can drink coffee in many ways, and everyone has their preference. One prefers to drink black coffee, and the other prefers a cappuccino or an espresso. But which of these types of coffee is consumed the most worldwide? Below we answer this question and give you insight into the most consumed types of coffee in the world. There may be something you have yet to try.


Most coffees contain espresso. Espresso is also often drunk separately. So this makes it the most consumed type of coffee in the world. Espresso is a cup of strong coffee where we press hot water through compressed (often freshly) ground beans during brewing. Thanks to the grinding degree and the way of brewing coffee, you get a robust cup that will wake you up nicely. Most espresso we make is with an automatic coffee machine. There are different brands for making excellent espresso, as you can find on Espresso is often quite bitter, depending on the beans used. As a result, an espresso usually also has a creamy and full taste.


Americano, also referred to as “regular coffee”, is an espresso with water added. On the other hand, most people drink a lungo. You grind the coffee beans and make coffee in a standard filter coffee machine. Regular coffee as we know it can therefore be a lungo or an americano. We prefer an americano because it often has more flavor and creaminess than a lungo. An americano or a lungo is a lot weaker than an espresso, and this is because the ratio between coffee and water is very different.


Third on this list is a type of coffee that is a favorite among many. Many people drink a cappuccino at lunch or during breakfast. In Italy, a cappuccino is only drunk at breakfast. Therefore, never order a cappuccino in Italy after breakfast. In principle, a cappuccino is an espresso with hot and whipped milk. This foam layer makes the coffee a lot creamier. The coffee originates from Austria but got its name in Italy. Most home appliances can make a great cup of cappuccino these days.