Yemen Mocca Pearls

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Arabica coffee, found growing wild in Ethiopia, was first cultivated in Yemen and from here it spread worldwide. With more than 2000 years of coffee history, Yemen is the most traditional growing region in the world.

The world’s appetite for coffee was first whetted by Sufi imams in the Yemeni port city of Aden in the fifteenth century. Exported via the port city of Mocha, which was very rich at the time, the coffee was given its name, which is also pronounced mocha (mocca).

A small, strongly brewed coffee then also became popular in Europe as mocha. Even today, coffee is grown in Yemen according to traditional methods and traditions: the coffee cherries are processed dry (natural) by letting them dry in the sun on the roofs of the houses. These houses often stand high on the edges of steep ridges, offering spectacular views of the surrounding area.

The coffee bushes traditionally stand on mountain terraces at heights of up to 2,500m – these are the highest growing areas in the world. Coffee cherries with only a single coffee bean in them, the peaberries (pearl beans), form only at the shoot tips of the coffee bushes. Only very rarely are these precious pearl beans, which are considered to be particularly spicy, hand-picked in Yemen. Pearl beans from Yemen are a real rarity.

The coffee from Yemen is known for its extremely varied flavors and sweetness. Incredibly diverse, very round and spicy, buttery and creamy with sweet notes of brown sugar and rum.

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