“Rum” cask coffee as flavored Cafe Creme

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  • mild, spicy-vanilla, sweet coffee
  • Arabica 
  • beans


“Rum” cask coffee as flavored Cafe Creme

The RUM coffee is part of our special edition barrel coffee series. 

This coffee is characterized above all by its unique aging in the rum barrel.The mixture of the natural sweetness of the coffee and the spicy-vanilla scent of the rum barrel make this coffee an unforgettable taste experience. Rum is a real gourmet drink. Due to its different notes, it is best to enjoy it from a nosin glass.

After production, the rum is stored in high-quality barrels. Good rum is characterized by a special maturation, which accounts for up to 80% of the taste. This maturation takes place during storage in the wooden barrels. During the aging process, the barrel absorbs the aromas of the rum and stores them in the wood. Through experiments, our master roaster succeeded in transferring the aroma of this oak wood to the coffee beans.

The coffee still breathes after a roasting process, which is why the coffee beans are stored in high-quality rum oak barrels while they are still warm and the pores are still open. This rebreathing causes the different rum flavors to get from the wood of the barrels into the beans. After an optimal storage time of 72 hours, the beans from the barrels are packed in coffee bags and made available for sale. The beans have enough time to absorb the unmistakable scent. Our aroma bags with a zip valve prevent this aroma from being lost. A mild, spicy-vanilla, sweet coffee with the delicate woody scent of the rum cask.

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