Rufino Mondragon, Peru

18,08 $

Process: Washed  

Profile:Golden Raisin. Bright. Tropical.


Rufino Mondragon produced this coffee on his farm, El Romerillo, in the Huabal district outside of the city of Jaen in northern Peru. Though in his 60s, Don Rufino manages most aspects of the farm with his family, hiring only a couple of additional employees during harvest.  

The coffee trees are fertilized using only organic imputs that come from the farm.  Shade trees protect the maturing fruit and help prevent erosion on the steep hillsides while promoting healthier soils.  

Once harvested, the coffee is depulped, washed, and then fermented for 48 hours.  After fermentation, the coffee will be washed again to rinse off any risidual fruit muscilage.  The clean coffee parchement is then transferred to covered drying beds where it will be carefully managed to ensure even drying. 

The resulting coffee has an incredibly dynamic flavor profile with plenty of clean, bright fruit character which resloves into a lingering sweetness.  

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