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  • blackberry, cola, roasted marshmallow, plum
  • Arabica 
  • beans



blackberry, cola, roasted marshmallow, plum

Jeff and Maritza Taylor made their first trip to Ecuador in 2008 to explore and taste the harvest. With the challenges of the past year and the seemingly never ending pandemic, we were not able to visit Ecuador in 2020. But as always, we chose our importers and exporters carefully as they are now more than ever, our eyes, our ears and our hands at the farm level when we can’t be there. By joining forces with Caravela Coffee Importers we are able to share Peñaherrara AAA with you.

This lot is a blend from Finca Habitat Forest owned by Mario Andrade. The farm is 70 hectares large though only 7 hectares are dedicated to coffee production of the Caturra and Bourbon varieties. A large proportion of the farm is made up of native trees and forests, creating a biodiverse environment of mixed flora and fauna surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, and forests. The other farm is Finca Obando own by Jose Martin Obado. The farm has an area of 10 hectares but just 2 hectares are dedicated to coffee production of the Caturra variety.

The farms are located in the Ibarra municipality of the Imbabura region in the Northern hemisphere of Ecuador. They’re blessed with high altitude and conditions perfect for specialty coffee production. Altitude, fertile soils, abundant natural resources and plenty of sunshine make for ideal growing conditions.

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