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The Sumatran cobra is a venomous snake that inhabits tropical moist and montane forests. Heights of 1500 m are not a problem for them, so you can sometimes find them on a coffee plantation. It’s good that the coffee farmers are familiar with nature and harvest this great coffee with great care.

This delicious coffee comes from the highlands of Sumatra. Its strong aroma is reminiscent of the scent of rain-soaked earth. The earthy, spicy note is characteristic of coffee from Indonesia.

Organic coffee Sumatra: ideal growing conditions

The coffee beans for our pure organic coffee come from the north of Sumatra. The magnificent Arabica plants grow here on the Indonesian mountain slopes at altitudes of up to 1,700 meters . A fertile volcanic soil gives them their characteristic touch. The tropical rainforests act as natural shade providers and conjure up a perfect microclimate. The coffee cherries can ripen in peace and develop their entire aroma.

Organic Sumatra Coffee: Organic and fair trade

To protect the rainforest, the farmers enrich their ecological coffee plantations with mixed plantings. The small farmers do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The full flavor of the Sumatra organic coffee is created under these good conditions .

Fair trade also ensures the independence and livelihood of Indonesian coffee farmers. We owe this wonderful Gayo Highland Highland to your great diligence. More and more farmers are recognizing the benefits of organic farming. This is good for the environment and also for us. We are happy about the exclusive quality of the organic coffee from Sumatra

Organic coffee from Sumatra – A top product

We roast the fantastic beans gently and traditionally. The aroma can develop in peace. The end product is an excellent organic coffee. A superlative for coffee lovers with the highest quality standards. Sustainability and environmental protection are combined with an exclusive coffee. The strong taste harmonises wonderfully with the elegant spice. The Bio Sumatra is low in acid and therefore also suitable for sensitive connoisseurs.

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