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Cooperative:  Norandino    
Region: Coyona, Canchaque
Acidity:  moderate, malic       
Body:  full, heavy
Flavors: Strawberry Jam * Cacao * Chai Spice
Elevation:  1050-1460 meters       
Best brewing:  filter       
Recommended ratio: 16:1



Coop Norandino was founded in March 1995 with 200 members. Today the cooperative represents coffee and sugar cane producers of the Piuran mountains of northeastern Peru. Norandino’s producers are active and respected agents for sustainable development in their region, working collectively to improve quality and overall production under certified organic practices.

For the past several years, our importer Cooperative Coffees has been working with Norandino to revitalize the traditional natural process coffees of the Canchaque region of northern Piura. In 2012, that process saw the first successful fruits of Norandino member cooperative J.G. Condorcanqui, one of the oldest coops in the region, which was founded in 1969 and named after an indigenous hero who led a revolt against the Spaniards in 1779. With almost 200 members spread across 5 casilleros, this represents the vast majority of the local population in the region. Half of these producers live in the town of Coyona itself with their coffee fields, a proximity and cohesion that is rare in rural cooperatives, offering members greater opportunities for community impact and development. Coop Condorcanqui exports its coffee through Norandino, the umbrella organization offering marketing, financing and technical training.

For these farmers, recovering the Cafe Canchaque has been both sentimental and a smart marketing move, creating a unique niche and distinguishing the region as one of the only producers of high-quality dry processed coffees in all of Peru. We are annually charmed by this coffee’s consistently sweet blend of strawberry and caramel flavors, malic acidity, lush body and cocoa finish. Its flavors are particularly vibrant from 3-7 days post-roast.

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