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Orange Blossom * Syrupy Sweet * Delicate


Variety: GeshaCooperative:  Sol y Cafe    Region:  Jaen, Peru  Processing: washed Acidity:  sparkling       Body:  juicyElevation:  1974 meters       Best brewing:  filter       Recommended ratio: 17:1

We are so thrilled to again feature coffee from Peruvian farmer Jeinner Cubas Vasquez. Last year’s harvest was exceptional, and this year’s lot is equally delicious. This coffee is extremely limited–we have only one bag (150 pounds)–so don’t delay!

The story of this microlot begins in Panama, where Jeinner acquired his first seeds of his gesha variety. It all began with a curiosity to produce this type of coffee and about what it meant to produce high quality coffee in general. Jeinner was also interested in developing the same excitement among other producers. At first, he noticed that people didn’t seem to care much, but as the years went and quality contests in Peru drew more attention to this variety, more people began paying attention. Currently, gesha is now being planted in many places in this part of the country. 
The harvest of this coffee occurs between August and October. Jeinner’s parents live nearby at their farm and support him with the work during harvest. They are also members of the cooperative and plan to increase their production area.

Currently, Jeinner is part of a project conducted by Sol&Café where he receives fertilizers produced by the cooperative. Jeinner, who has been a member of Sol&Cafe since 2010, says that there is a lot of excitement and joy surrounding this coffee. He is very happy to offer an exceptional quality.

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