Novell Café de Finca Indonesia Java Island

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Single-varietal specialty coffee from the Mont Argopuro Jember region on the Java Island of Indonesia, roasted at its optimum curve and packaged in 250-gram packages. with unidirectional valve, to maintain all its freshness and attributes.


4 packages of 250grs.

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It is a robusta coffee of the Canephora variety grown at 900 meters above sea level. Coming from the volcanic island of Java, where 12% of Indonesian coffee is produced, in this coffee we find a fragrance of noble wood and clove, while in aroma we see notes of chamomile flower and cereals. The cup shows a remarkable intensity and far removed from the cups that are the protagonists of the new wave of coffee, which are indisputably marked by acidity. This strong but elegant coffee, smooth but caffeinated, with primary but quality aromas, provides a unique and great tasting cup.

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