Indonesia Mahara Fairtrade & Organic

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  • intense body, dark chocolate, molasses
  • Arabica 
  • beans

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Indonesia Mahara Fairtrade & Organic

Indonesian Specialty Coffee with an intensive body: Our Indonesia Mahara from the highlands of West Sumatra shows a typical character for particularly successful Indonesian coffees and pleases with an intensive spicy-sweet character with a hint of dark chocolate and molasses.

An extraordinary play of aromas, which comes about through the traditional Indonesian processing according to the “Giling Basah” method: the parchment skin of the harvested coffee cherries is removed with great care while they are still wet, giving the beans an intense green-bluish hue and a spicy-earthy profile .

Our Specialty Indonesia Mahara is sustainably grown in accordance with the EU Organic Regulation, is 100 percent fair trade and roasted by hand in a drum roaster.

  • Origin: Indonesia, Sumatra
  • Region: Takegon
  • Conditioning: wet-hulled / Giling Basah
  • Producer: KSU Mahara
  • Variety: Gayo 1, Gayo 2
  • Roasting: artisanal drum roasting, filter coffee
  • Cupping: intense body, dark chocolate, molasses
  • Fairtrade certified

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