India Malabar Monsoon Coffee – Canned

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In earlier times, coffee from India was transported to Europe by sailing ships on the long sea route around the southern tip of Africa (the Suez Canal did not yet exist). In the humid atmosphere of the ship’s hold, the coffee stored there in jute sacks (containers didn’t exist yet) changed its taste and appearance. The coffee beans turned yellowish, lost weight, and the taste became incredibly bland.

The people of Europe were therefore surprised when the first rapid deliveries arrived on modern steamers. The coffee suddenly tasted completely different. However, people did not want to do without the well-known taste and so the so-called “monsooning” began in India on the Malabar coast: With the beginning of the monsoon rains in June, the doors of the warehouses, in which the finished green coffee was located, and the extremely humid monsoon winds were opened flowed through them. As before, the coffee began to absorb the moisture in the ship’s holds.

The coffee sacks were then opened and the coffee dried again and some of the beans sorted again. This is how this specialty from India came about. For those who love extremely mild coffee, India monsoon coffee is the first choice.

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