Fresh Indian Coffee Balehonnur Canephora

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  • delicate aroma
  • Arabica/Robusta 
  • beans

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Fresh Indian Coffee Balehonnur Canephora

Robusta is, together with Arabica and its varieties, one of the two varieties of coffee shrub (Coffea canephora var. Robusta) cultivated for commercial purposes in the world. Robusta beans are most often used in instant coffee and have twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans.

Although Robusta is not a favorite coffee on the gourmet coffee market, it is used as an excellent base in espresso blends to enrich the taste of coffee. Robusta gives espresso coffee a taste that can be described as “rustic”, with light notes of wood and tobacco. Robusta has a bit of an impact on coffee blends, which makes espresso coffee stand out in milk-based drinks. Most of the time, the proportion of Robusta coffee in the blends is 10-15% so as not to overshadow the delicate aromas of Arabica coffee.

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