Ethiopia Geta Bore

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We’re heading west for our fourth and final washed Ethiopia of the 2021 harvest. While most of our Ethiopian coffees come from Yirgacheffe and Guji in the southern part of the country, coffees from the Kata Muduga Cooperative Union have become some of the most sought-after coffees in Ethiopia over the past few years.

Yukio, Nano Challa, Biftu Gudina, Duromina… are becoming well-known names in the coffee industry, and we’ve featured some delicious coffee from Nano Challa in the past. Each of these names represents a cooperative in the Kata Muduga Union, a group of cooperatives in Western Ethiopia’s Jimma Zone. Add Geta Bore to the list. Geta Bore is a new cooperative under the Kata Muduga umbrella, formed by farmers who used to be members of Biftu Gudina, but who wanted to build a washing station close to their homes. These farmers formed Geta Bore in 2018, and it was our favorite Kata Muduga coffee this year.

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Geta Bore is brand new, but in the scheme of things, Kata Muduga is one of the newest cooperative unions in Ethiopia, too, born out of a joint development project from USAID and Technoserve in the early 2000s. With coffee fairly well-developed (or at least well-known) in Southern Ethiopia, USAID and Technoserve built several washing stations in Western Ethiopia, with the hopes of building up the coffee industry in different parts of the country. Technoserve also encouraged processing techniques and equipment that uses far less water than the typical washed techniques in Ethiopia, and the new washing stations are known for both water conservation and quality. 

Cooperatives, including Nano Challa, Yukro, Duromine, and now Geta Bore, formed around these washing stations and quickly began producing coffees that rivaled the best from Yirgacheffe. While these co-ops started as part of the Oromia Union, a few years ago a handful of them branched out to form Kata Muruga. We’ve featured lots from Yukro in Phantom Limb, Nano Challa as a single origin last year, and now, Geta Bore.
Huck’s first coffee from Geta Bore pops – this is definitely a coffee driven by bright citrus. We’re tasting juicy clementine and key lime, balanced with honeydew melon and a green tea-like floral. A great endcap to our 2020 washed Ethiopias and a great reason for us to roast up some delicious coffee from Jimma.

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