EL SALVADOR Ariz Family SL 34 Honey

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Flavors of passion fruit, berries, and hibiscus

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This year we dared try a new experiment with our longtime friends, the Ariz family. Our story goes way back to 2013 when Ricardo Ariz had just started to work on his family farm, abandoned in the 1970s because of the Salvadoran Civil War. Ricardo was trying to figure out what strategy to take: quality or quantity. Once we tried his coffees for the first time, we knew we couldn’t let this amazing coffee go to waste and convinced Ricardo to focus on the varietals we found had been cupping exceptionally. The SL 34 varietal on his farm is a very exotic coffee, pushing the boundaries of the specialty coffee movement. We considered different ways to add new exciting flavors to this already delicious cup, we suggested a Honey process, where the coffee is left to dry with a layer of its natural sugar-rich juices. We’re always happy to hear Ricardo’s family is becoming more involved with the coffee farm, something that is becoming rarer in modern technological times as more families are leaving their coffee farms to pursue careers in the city. We believe the Ariz family resembles the efforts we have made to pursue amazing quality at the roasting and sourcing level, inspiring others to do the same and improve the quality of life of the communities they’re a part of.sa

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