Decaf Peru Single Origin – Organic, Water Processed

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We are constantly told by the jet-setters and travelers who pass through our shop that our decaf coffee beans are hands down, the ABSOLUTE BEST DECAF COFFEE IN THE WORLD. How can we disagree? Our decaf is actually yummy! Nutty, full-bodied and rich, it works wonderfully as a drip, French press or espresso shot.

Don’t just believe what we tell you – try for yourself!

During the water process, the green coffee is pre-soaked in water to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The hydrated green coffee is then introduced to a unique solution of concentrated coffee solubles that draw out the caffeine while minimizing the loss of flavor compounds. Once the caffeine has been removed the green coffee is redried and re-bagged for transport, and the extract solution is filtered of its caffeine and recycled to be used again.

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