Colombia Geisha El Bolson Estate

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Like all Arabica varieties, the Geisha variety originally comes from the rich gene pool of coffee plants that grow wild in Ethiopia and was “discovered” there in the 1960s.

Since the turn of the millennium, coffee has also been grown in Central and South America, first in Panama and then in other coffee-growing countries. In the Colombian region of Huila, known for its excellent coffee, is the farm of the Rojas family, El Bolson, which also cultivates geisha.

Geisha coffee has the special feature that it only develops its fine, flowery aromas at altitudes of around 1,600 meters or more. This is due to the cool climate and the resulting slow ripening.

The geisha cultivation requires a lot of finesse. Only 2% of the Rojas family’s harvest is geisha coffee.

The coffee is correspondingly expensive. But this one has it all, it can benefit from the excellent soil and local climatic conditions of the area: creamy body, very complex aroma structure of peach, almond, tobacco notes, a pleasure.

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