Caffelab COLOMBIA Palma Roja

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A fantastic batch of coffee of the delicious  Geisha variety, grown on the Colombian hills of the Ibaguè region and selected for us by Helena Oliviero, trainer of Espresso Academy and Coffee Hunter.

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This micro-lot of coffee comes from a plantation of just 3 hectares located in the Colombian region of Alta China. Within the  Finca Palma Roja,  surrounded by avocado, banana, cassava, and pineapple trees,  15,000 Gesha variety coffee plants are grown.

Finca Palma Roja was founded in 1995 by  Benedicto Ponti Vásquez and Marghod González, and over the years three of their children have also dedicated themselves to the cultivation of coffee: Benedicto Júnior, María Elena, and Hugo Fernando Ponti.

This exceptional batch of  Gesha varieties is processed with a particular method that gives very interesting aromatic notes in the cup. After the harvest with a  selective picking in fact the cherries are fermented in plastic bags for 20 hours. After being pulped, the fermentation continues in tanks with water for another 24 hours.  Finally, the parchments are dried on raised beds in solar dryers.

In the cup, we find delicate notes of orange blossom, lemon peel, honey, and milk chocolate.

At the cupping tasting according to the SCA protocol, he obtained a score of 89 points.

We have decided to roast this coffee only with a  lighter roasting profile, suitable for filter extractions, in order not to compromise the delicate and peculiar aromatic notes of the geisha variety.

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