Brazil – Carmo De Minas

72,20 $

With delectable notes of dark chocolate, honey and almond butter, this well-balanced and accessible blend is popular among those who enjoy an approachable and traditional coffee experience. Unlike single-origin coffees, whose flavor profiles can change from year to year, our Brazilian blends are perfect for those who looking for the same cup of coffee day in and day out, season to season.


Technical Info

Producer: COCARIVE Co-operative

Region: Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Process: Natural Process

Altitude: 1,300 meters above sea level

Varietals: Yellow Catuai, Bourbon

About the Producer

There’s something about the light in southern Brazil. Since Carmo de Minas is our furthest source from the Equator, the sunlight there is a bright embrace, never a harsh strike. The producers provide just as much of an embrace, gathering together every day to share meals and laughter. Our friend Alvaro always treats us to BBQ (and a few healthy swigs of his homemade cachaça), making us feel like family. It’s clear that togetherness is top priority in Carmo de Minas. It just feels right.

COCARIVE is a 660 member-owned-and-operated cooperative located in southern Brazil in the slopes of the Serra da Mantiqueira de Minas, a region known worldwide for high-quality coffee production. The cooperative was established in 1961 with the objective of transforming local coffee production into a point of reference for producing high quality coffee in order to promote the development of the region.

Vendor Information

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