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It all started with that first cup of coffee at the ripe age of 16.

I grew up in a suburb outside of Chicago and inspired by the Beatnik generation and their commitment to community and conversation, I chose to immerse myself in everything that Chicago had to offer. Engaging in that unique space where artists loved being artists and found ways to share their works and experiences transparently with each other, I had never felt anything like it, and at that moment, though I wasn’t sure where it would lead, I knew somehow that I had found my home.

Coffee house inspiration

Passion house coffee

Music and Chicago culture are at the center of the inspiration for Passion House. In my day-to-day life, I am constantly analyzing my actions, my coffee, my food, my words, and how I collaborate and connect with people. I’d like to say I turn off, but I’m not sure I can say that honestly, and though sometimes it’s exhausting, the wheel is turning and it doesn’t seem to ever slow down. But music has always served as a place of respite for me. Whether at a concert or club, I’m able to disconnect just enough and the music serves as a primary source of what drives my thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Whether by myself listening to headphones, DJing a party, or in a sea of thousands of people, music has a way of resonating through my entire body and I truly feel as though I am as centered as ever. Music eases my fears, shepherds my thoughts through the darkest corners and valleys of my existence, and reminds me to be nicer to myself and practice self-love, which seems to have a direct effect on how I treat the people that are part of my life.

The first coffee to get its own name.

Passion house coffee

Ocelot is a story of how embracing and remembering the past is key to both the present and the future. Like all businesses, bands, entities, and humans, PH went through various phases and stages to get where it is today, and inevitably it’s the people that seem to help to define those key moments that serve as the chapters in our story. My roaster at the time was a great person and lover of music and was hands down one of the best roasters I have ever known. He joined this company in the very beginning, and our shared love for music gave us the idea to develop coffees and the brand through our mutual love for music. Ocelot was born a little later, and admittedly I was going through some heavy stuff at the time. When life gave me lemons, it seems I made Ocelot instead of lemonade.

Te song of coffee

The song this coffee is named after has a similar story. Written by Phish lyricist Tom Marshall for Phish’s lead singer Trey Anastasio as he was finishing his drug court program and was largely shut off from those closest to him, “Ocelot” was an invitation for Trey to come back and begin making music with his friends again. The lyric “come out to play” seems perfectly poignant given it was a time that 

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