ORGANIC Coffee Bolivia

In Bolivia, the indigenous population shapes the picture. The women proudly wear their traditional, colorful clothing with several petticoats and the typical bowler hat. And they are also proud of the lovely coffee that the coffee farmers grow here, albeit without a hat.

The delicious organic coffee from Bolivia is a high-quality coffee specialty. It offers you a long-lasting taste experience. Well-balanced, slightly spicy and a delicate chocolate aroma characterize this coffee.

With every cup you support ecological management and better living conditions for coffee farmers. Just good.

Enjoyable and light - coffee from Bolivia

If you want to start the morning in an enjoyable way, this organic coffee from Bolivia is the right choice. The aromatic hot drink has an invigorating effect without being obtrusive. It develops a medium flavor immediately when poured over. The high-quality coffee contains very little acid and is therefore ideal for particularly sensitive people.

The delicious coffee not only provides the desired energy in the morning. But it also goes perfectly with a cozy cake break in the afternoon.

Villa Oriente - organic coffee from organic farming

Anyone who consumes the tasty organic coffee from Bolivia not only benefits from a special treat, but also supports ecological management at the same time The coffee farmers grow their coffee plants organically and do not use artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

More than 100 families have joined forces in the Villa Oriente project in Bolivia. With great care and dedication, they take care of the environmental protection of their homeland. They protect flora and fauna and live with nature. The entire production and manufacturing process is subject to strict controls, which guarantee the consistently high quality of the end product.

With the purchase of this organic coffee from Bolivia, you directly support the living conditions of the families involved. Organic coffee from Bolivia - good coffee can be so delicious!

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Preparation Mode:
  • Fully Automatic Machines Coffee
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Coffee Bean Type:
Organic Coffee
Countries of Origin:
Delicate spice, caramel, red berries
Single Origin
Coffee Grind:
Whole Bean
Caffeinated Coffee

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