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Named after our great grandmother Milka Radonich, a former Sacramento small business owner, Milka Coffee Roasters is all about family, friends, and the cities we live and play in. Founder and Coffee Roaster Samir Benouar adores coffee and for our flagship coffee shop and roastery, he drew inspiration from years spent reading, writing, and working behind espresso machines in New York, San Francisco, and his native Sacramento. When you chat with Samir or enjoy one of our creations it's clear that our dedication to coffee reaches beyond roasting to the settings and ways in which coffee is made and enjoyed.


Our values

Here at Milka Coffee Roasters are to teach guests about the coffees we've explored from every corner of this luscious terraform while roasting and serving well-balanced coffees that satisfy every taste bud and insisting that each coffee we serve is sustainably farmed and sourced and that equality of pay is found in every step of our coffee's supply chain.

Our Vision

Is to help create a modern coffee culture. We believe that every person in the coffee industry and beyond is responsible for how coffee is changing. Whether you're roasting, farming, or drinking a lot of the stuff, we know, that if we all live and work together, we can create a coffee world that is based on transparency and equality.


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