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If you don't know me, I'm Lee. Five years ago, in 2015, I had contact with the first coffee, which was made in the form of espresso. Of course, I grimaced because I had a strange and complex enough taste not to understand it. 

Then I drank the second and third mouthfuls of coffee - while I listened to a coffee lover, who was actually the roaster of that coffee - until it was over. Words took the place of sugar - this drink was becoming more and more interesting! I tasted about eight origins of coffee in the first hour since I first drank coffee; it was something extraordinary. The discussion continued, lemon water was the transit route between the origins, freshly roasted coffee, freshly ground, freshly prepared was already part of me - I was rediscovering myself.

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In my first experience with the espresso machine, in the beginning - even at the end - I can compare it to that of an impassioned driver and taken to the level of a rally driver. There were many steps to make a coffee - it seemed too many to me because I knew that coffee is made either in a kettle or in a filter. Now, I was discovering something new, another method of making coffee, a method by which you manage to get an intense aroma, a complex taste, and a coffee with the lowest amount of caffeine in the case of espresso.

Since 2015 I started to deepen more information about coffee and even work in the field. I was invited to the Ecuator Cafe, a company born out of passion in 2012. There I was able to understand how much work is behind a roasted coffee bean. Each variety of coffee comes from different countries or regions of the country, all are transported by vessel, and, once in the ports of European countries, change their means of transport to the destination of the coffee roaster, where it requires a well-controlled storage from the point of view of temperature, humidity, etc. Then, depending on the humidity of the coffee bean, the atmospheric pressure, the gas pressure, the temperature in the oven, the coffee is roasted with an individual profile, always in small batches, because it is an artisanal product. Here we are talking about the art of coffee in the sub-branch of "roasting".

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