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Our passions for the finest coffee led Jackie to perfect our signature slow roasting process that heightens and accentuates your coffee’s natural flavors.  Our “Post-Roast Blending” technique takes into account the specific origins of the bean and adjusts our roasting process to better accommodate each batch’s moisture and density, capturing the full pallet of flavors and accents. Most coffee roasters roast upwards of 100 lbs per batch, which means they’re forced to mix the beans and then roast them all together. Our commitment to small, slow roasted batches and Post-Roast Blending makes Jackie’s Java distinctively different.


There are two main species of coffee that are cultivated today: Arabica and Robusta coffee.

Robusta beans are grown at low altitudes on manmade plantations, and are harvested by machines that strip all of the coffee fruit from the trees at once as opposed to hand picking the ripe coffee and leaving the unripe fruit for the next week’s picking. These Robusta beans have twice the caffeine of Arabica, and produce an inferior tasting beverage. Robustas are what you can find on the bottom shelf at your local supermarket packaged in gallon-sized tin cans. Arabica coffee, on the other hand, is grown at high altitude and always handpicked, with special attention to the proper maturation of the coffee “cherries,” in which the coffee seed lies. Arabica beans are lively and more flavorful, and can be delicate, sweet, earthy, or fruity tasting depending on environment and growing conditions. Jackie’s Java deals directly with coffee farmers, ensuring the perfect blend of top-quality beans ripened to perfection. Jackie's Java only imports 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee beans and our strict quality standards are only matched by the passion and sustainability of our producers.


Quite simply, because it tastes better! Specialty grade coffee is richer and more flavorful then mass produced coffee. With greater attention to the source, growing conditions, and roasting process, specialty coffees offer a delicate complexity unmatched by mass produced blends. Starting with handpicked beans, great care is given throughout each step of the process, from growing, and harvesting the coffee to roasting, and blending it.

Follow the link below to learn more about our selection process, industry standards, and quality control, or explore the site for our current selection of Jackie’s Java of Fort Collins, Colorado’s specialty coffees.

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