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The founding of the brand

The brand “Specialità Caffè Hausbrandt” was founded in 1892. Hausbrandt became the first company to offer products that were processed and packaged in sealed metal containers at the production plant. Hausbrandt, the first Italian coffee roasting company, launched an innovative advertising programme at the height of the Belle Époque that made use of the period’s primary means of communication. The romantic subjects chosen for the first campaign were “the little old people”, characters that are still among the most recognizable symbols of the company today. The next campaign paired coffee with images from daily life, thereby representing the consumption of coffee as part of a hypothetical daily schedule.

The company today

The new Hausbrandt logistics hub in Nervesa Della Battaglia is going to host all the warehouse areas for coffee, beer and wine on a comprehensive premise. Over 3,000 m2 exclusively dedicated to Hausbrandt coffee warehouses.

Hausbrandt coffee lab


An excellent cup of coffee is the result of a long and careful process that begins with the very first phases of the plant’s growth. The plants do not begin producing until they are three or four years old; during these early years, they are pruned and watered frequently. After the coffee plants are planted in deep, permeable and neutral or slightly acidic soil, they are given constant, attentive care.

The selection process

As the quality of the coffee is the primary feature that distinguishes Hausbrandt, the company has adopted a rigorous inspection and quality control system. The company has many mechanisms in place to guarantee the highest level of quality, including bi-chromatic sorting. Over a distance of just 10 cm, every single Arabica bean is analyzed 30 times by photocells that can recognize and remove unripe, tough or fermented beans that could compromise the quality of the final product. This is followed by the washing, polishing, and selecting of the Robusta beans; these steps eliminate foreign flavours, toughness and taste defects that could alter the characteristics of the coffee’s body. Hausbrandt technicians constantly monitor every single step of the selection process so that only the very best coffee beans, in excellent condition, go on to be roasted.

Hausbrandt iconic coffee cup

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