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Aldo Filicori and Luigi Zecchini in the distant 1919 started a shop in the center of Bologna for the sale of coffee. They put into it all their love for good and quality things, they looked for the best raw materials, and starting from the green bean they studied the secret for perfect roasting. Thus they began to produce an extraordinary and unique coffee in the world, to satisfy the passion for quality.


I am my origins. It is the colors and the land of Africa that created me. They are the scents of Arabia, which were invented. They are a thousand aromas contained in my essence. Hints of fruit, flowers, spices. Vanilla, caramel, and cocoa. I am the thick cream that holds them to give you time to savor me.

They are the strong taste that lashes with energy and the sweet velvet that persists in the palate.
I'm mocha, I'm black, I'm espresso. I am long, spotted, double, narrow.
I am Italian, Turkish, American. I am as you want me. Always the same, unique every time.

My journey begins on the other side of the world in those exotic lands where the rain dances with the sun. I am a sprout cared for with love so that it grows bearing flowers and fruit.
They are the expert hands of men who collect me. I am a drupe and finally, I am a naked grain preparing to cross the sea.

I arrive in a burlap sack but I am welcomed as if I were a king. I am the taste that is explored with five senses to perfection and that teaches you the many ways to extract my flavor.
I am the hot air that browns me and transforms me into my best-known face. They are the meeting with my brothers who came here from other distant countries. Our right mix is the secret that makes us special.

They are the dress of refined elegance that embellishes me and protects me from time. I arrive in a burlap sack and leave dressed like a king. And then I go into your daily places that smell good and me too. I am the wise hand that presses me, the boiling water that passes through me. They are the wait that leads to the result and that pleasure that caresses your palate.
And this is where I become mocha, black, long espresso, macchiato, double, small, Italian, Turkish, American. I become as you want me. Always the same, every day unique.

I am the coffee and this is the long road that takes me to you.


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